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Videoz Agency | Best Video Marketing Tool For Agencies

 Videoz Agency Is The Best Bxplainer Video Maker

best explainer video maker

Videoz Agency is the world’s first  and best video marketing tool that specially created for agencies and local marketers. It's 100% focused on agencies and local marketers to create high quality animated videos for business and to sell videos without unbelievably high cost. 

Promoting your brand is not easy. And creating a great video script for your business is one of the toughest problems.

But now You can solve your problems yourself with Videoz Agency.

Videoz Agency video builder provides you hundreds of professional explainer video templates for different niches such as White Board videos, Real Person videos, Animated videos and Explainer videos.

Those video script templates has been created in a way to help you with creative thinking and act as a placeholder to create your own script or videos.

As well that can be edited according to your individual style and business. It will definitely help to find you from your competitors. 

Now create your marketing videos in minute with your personal touch for your business and your client's business to get more leads and high conversions. 

Boost up your business and make money. No need any technical or video making skills.

Why Videoz Agency?

1.Save Time

best explainer video maker

Making videos starting from script writing to storyboard, video shooting to voice, music to mixing, designing graphics and sourcing images and much more. All of these are different challenges for non-professionals like me and you. As well, it will take up a lot of your time. But using VideoZ Agency you can build your stunning videos in minute.

2. Super Easy, No need Technical Skills

Videoz Agency has very simple interface. It’s user friendly. You don't need any experience or technical skills to use VideoZ Agency. Don’t need to learn lifetime. You don’t need a creativity to make a great video.

It’s really super easy and fast to use even if you have absolutely zero technical skill.

Because, Videoz Agency provides you lots of ready-made video scripts templates what you imagine for your business.

Using Videoz Agency video templates, it is possible to make your eye-catching explainer videos in minutes.

3.Tons of Templates

best 2d animation software

Videoz Agencyis the first and best explainer videomaker that focus 100% on agencies and local marketers. It has over hundreds of stunning video templates for different types of niches such as

  • Contractors

  • Roofers

  • Gyms

  • Travel

  • Car repair

  • Spa

  • Doctor

  • Restaurants

and so many more. 

best video marketing tools

best video marketing tools

So, it's really super application to find video scripts for any niche you can imagine.

4.Professional Branding

Make professional animated explainer video with adding your or client’s logo, brand message, call to action and other related details. You can fully customize video script templates as you wish.

Call to action is very important to get more conversions, Contest entries and more email subscribers. You will never get them without the attractive call to action.

One online study state that a whopping a call to action within a video generates 380% more clicks while comparing a Call to action of the sidebar of the same page.

5.Video Specification

Create your videos in minutes and when your video is wonderful you can be share on landing pages, websites, and popular social medias like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp and more.


6.Optimized for Mobile Advertising


All of VideoZ Agency’s video templates are optimized for mobile viewing experience because most of peoples are watching marketing videos coming from social media on their smart phones. So, our videos must be properly optimized for a mobile viewing.


07.No Need to Hire a Designer & Save Your Money

You don’t need to hire a video designer or freelancer to make explainer video. Do it yourself in minute with VideoZ Agency.

Are you FED UP paying much money for short explainer videos?

best video marketing tools

We know that video designer doesn’t come cheap. The bad news is that video designers typically charge between 5,000.00$ and 35,000.00$ dollars for just one minute of video putting them out of reach for most businesses.

In this application professional Voice Over included for most of videos. So, you don’t want to pay any money for professional voice over. 

From today, you can build professional video yourself and save money.

8.Share and Download your videos

When your video is wonderful you could share it to any social media directly and you can download in mp4 format to use.

What are the tools included with VideoZ Agency ?

>Advanced Editor with layer technology

>Included Beautiful Video Templates

  • Whiteboard Video templates
  • Real Person Video templates
  • Animated Video Templates

>Professional Voice Over Included

>Free Audio Library


>Easiest interface

>High Converting Stock Videos

>Lots of Video Categories For local niches

>Outro with Music and Logo

>Amazing Video Templates for any Niche

>Wonderful Video Story for any Niche

>Free Music Library

>Free sound effects

>Download And share your videos


How To Make Explainer Videos With VideoZ Agency?

There are three steps

    Step 1: Select a suitable Video Script template for your niche

best video marketing tools

    Step 2: Just Add your agency and logo

best video marketing tools

    Step 3: Share the videos to get more leads and boost up your business                  and client’s business 

best video marketing tools

That's it

VideoZ Agency Pros And Cons

  • Hundreds of Video script templates
  • Every templates include voice over
  • Easy to customize 
  • Free music library
  • Optimized for mobile advertising 
  • Suitable for all
  • Cloud based Application
  • 14 Days money back guarantee 

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VideoZ Agency | FAQs

Q1: Does works on MAC and Windows?
YES! VideoZ Agency will work on all operating systems (iOs, Window, Android, Linux..). You need internet connection to use this application. Its 100% cloud bast software.Nothing to install and update.

Q2:  Does Works on mobile?
YES! Works on all devices like mobile, Tab. Computer. Its Mobile Responsive.

Q3: Is it Unlimited to create videos?
YES! You can create many videos for any number of niches and sell if you choose VideoZ Agency commercial.

04:Is training included?
YES! Video Agency includes step by step training to use. That will teach you even how to sell your videos and make money.

Special & Live Demo

What are the types of Infographics? |Best Infographic templates.

What are the types of Infographics?

With Examples | Best Infographic templates

What is an infographic?

Infographics are designed to reach a larger audience by simplifying complex subjects. And digital artistic representation of data and information that combine to tell a story they help us visualize relationships and statistics simply and easily.

Therefore, they are an intersection of disciplines making a topic fun and quick to learn without a ton of text.

The focus of good infographics is always on communicating insights but being visual graphics present relevant ideas in a much more efficient and easier to understand form.

Infographics are effective because they are visual.

Do you know? 65% of the population is comprised of visual learners.

So, the visual nature of infographics caters to a large portion of our audience. In fact, one comprehension study found a 70% rate of understanding for text only and a 95 percent rate of understanding for text and pictures.

What are the types of Infographics?

Infographics are perfect for summarizing data and for making boring and complex information easier to understand.

But there's so many different types of infographics that you can create so when the time comes for you to sit down and make your own.

How do you know what type of infographic will work best for your data?

Nine basic types of infographics that you can make and when you should use them.

  1. Statistical infographics
  2. Informational Infographics
  3. Timeline Infographic
  4. Process Infographics
  5. Geographic Infographic
  6. Comparison Infographic
  7. Hierarchical Infographics
  8. list Infographics
  9. Resume Infographic

1.Statistical infographics

Statistical infographics

Statistical infographics hope you tell the story behind your data. They use a variety of different data visualizations such as pie charts, bar graphs, line charts, pictographs, maps and more.

You can use a statistical infographic to visualize survey results to share most important statistics from a report or if you want to show a bunch of statistics about a topic.

For example, say you're feeling a little bit nosy and you decide to survey your co-workers about their Netflix watching habits. So, you could use a visual like a pie chart to show how many hours on average they spend binging Netflix shows.

You could also use a bar chart to show which are the most popular shows with your co-workers and you can use big bold text to emphasize key statistics infographic.

2.Informational Infographics

Informational infographics are ideal if you want to present new or specialized data if you want to give an overview of a topic or if you want to summarize a longer piece of content like a blog post or reports or a presentation typically informational infographics will follow a pretty straightforward way they'll use descriptive headers with some supporting points and visuals like icons or simple charts to illustrate concepts.

For example, let's say you wrote an awesome blog post but then you realized nobody's reading it.

Because everybody has a short attention span and nobody likes reading anymore. What can you do? make an informational infographic summarizing the blog post.

First you would pull the most important content from your blog post like the headers, point form, lists and key numbers and statistics.

Then you would organize the information into sections with descriptive headers and then you would it your points using icons and images. And Don't forget to alternate between different colors to keep your readers engaged.

3.Timeline Infographic

Time line infographic as you may have already guessed a timeline infographic visualizes information over time.

Typically a timeline infographic uses a central timeline with different dates and events branching out from it visuals like icons photos and labels all help to highlight and explain points in time.

For example, say you wanted to visualize the history of a popular company like Google.

You could focus your timeline on product releases growth milestones or their influence on the industry but you can also use an infographic to visualize customer journeys project timelines and important processes which leads us into the fourth type of infographic.

4.Process Infographics

Process infographics look a lot of people aren't good at following instructions and that's where a simple process infographic can help hopefully while a timeline is used to highlight points in time.

A process infographic provides an overview and an explanation of the steps involved in a process.

Most process infographics follow a pretty straightforward layout with numbered steps and brief descriptions of each step below and some sort of illustration to help Drive the point home.

For example, you wanted to create an infographic that visualizes a process to help you grow your business.

For that, organize your infographic into numbered steps with brief descriptions of each step and then use simple visuals like icons to make those steps easier to understand but if you want to visualize a cyclical process than an infographic with a circular layout may work better.

5. Geographic Infographic

Geographic infographics use maps as the focus visual.

You can use them whenever you want to visualize population information location-based information or really big sets of data.

For example, so you wanted to compare the size of two populations a map chart would make it easier for readers to wrap their head around such big numbers and if you wanted to break down a population by demographics. for example, by country of origin you could use a series of map charts to represent each country do you have trouble deciding between two really good options.

6. Comparison Infographic

Comparison infographic will have a line down the middle with one option on each side which makes it easier for readers to compare and contrast options and to weigh pros and cons.

For example, let's say you wanted to compare two products. you could use a comparison infographic to show the specs of both products and to weigh the pros and cons of each.

7. Hierarchical Infographics

Hierarchical infographics help you to visualize hierarchies or organizations. so typically, you would use a flowchart and a hierarchical infographic.

For example, if you want to visualize the chain of command your company. You can use a flow chart to do that.

Start with the president of the company at the top and then branch out into the various different departments below them color coding can make your hierarchical infographic easier to understand.

8. list Infographics

List infographics are used to share a list of resources or collection of tips or a list of examples of products or something use a list infographic.

The goal of a list infographic is to make it more interesting than a boring old point form list. So, you can do that by

  • Replacing bullet points with icons
  • Using bold fonts and colors
  • Using simple illustrations for each point

on the list numbering the points on your list can also make the information flow easier.

For example, if you wanted to visualize a list of trends first you can identify the number of trends, you'll be listing in the title of your infographic then use a visual like an icon to drive home each point.

9. Resume Infographic

Resume infographic with the job market today being so saturated.  jobseekers need to find more ways to help them stand out from the competition an infographic resume takes the content of a regular resume and then uses charts and visuals to spice up the information and present it in a creative and unexpected way.

You could create an eye-catching header for your resume that reflects your personality. you can also use charts like timelines to visualize your experience and pictographs or bar graphs to visualize your skill levels.

Alright well now you have the nine basic types of infographics that you can create so it's time to make your own you can find all of the infographic templates used in this article.

You can get best Infographic templates from

  • Smart Animation Pro 1.0
  • Animaker

Smart Animation Pro 1.0 | Best 2d Animation Software

best video marketing tool-Smart Animation 1.0 

Smart animation is newly launched 2d animation software. With smart animation You can create eye catching animated explainer video in minutes. 

This new software could change the future of video making by giving power to non-designers and non-professional video makers like you and me. 

it will be very easy for you because it comes with a drag and drop interface. And smart animation tool comes with tons of functionality for vector animation.

Actually, making professional animated explainer video is not easy to beginners like me and you, because creating animation videos is very technical. But if you select drag and drop animation software like Smart Animation it will be super easy.

Which means you need not learn a lot of technical skills in order to be able to create professional animated explainer videos with 1000+ stunning graphics, animated & static character that will help to sell your products and services.

Is Smart Animation Pro Best Video Marketing Tool?


Are you pending much time to create animated explainer videos? 

No need! You can create 
yourself within few minutes without any technical skills.

just select from the library of options on the super easy interface, then drag and drop elements into the scene and same goes for animated elements, you can position and even resize any element you use in a scene any way you want with just a few mouse clicks and drags will do whatever you want use to with Smart animation Templates.

So, making professional explainer video is easy If you use Smart Animation Pro even if you've never done it before.


With Smart animation You will get more than 720 characters with single and group character styles. It’s really amazing in low price. Plus, you will also get more than 10 different animated background scenes. In Smart animation library has tons of features.  Its really amazing.

Smart Animation templates 1.0 is pack of video templates that is ready to use to create unlimited professional animated explainer videos and much more.
The Sky is The Limit!


Smart Animation contain lots of video script templates for a ton of niches and tons of characters, backgrounds and props for variety of industries and niche markets.

Smart Animation offers Supercharged modules with tons of elements, slideshow, layouts info-graphics, testimonial, animated explainer character, and many more great features for variety of niches.


Smart Animation Pro is the best software for animated videos and Suitable for everyone who want to create professional 2d animation videos.
  • digital advertisers
  • marketers
  • visual content creators
  • entrepreneurs
  • agencies and more
  • even kids can use it. its super easy to use.


Drag & Drop Video Creation is really super easy for everyone. Smart Animation which are easy to start. Smart Animation app comes with gradient background. It's pretty interesting You can just click the background and You can add color which you wish.


There is a huge number of elements to freely combine and all of them are completely vector based.

Furthermore, you can easily customize Smart Animation ready-made scene it all depends on your imagination and creativity. 

you can use and customize high-quality stories.

Smart animation is the most optimized. made it easy for everyone, using this 2d animation software start building your beautiful explainer video and explain your great product or service.


Are you TIRED of spending too much time trying to make professional 2d animated explainer video?

Wish to create videos. Edit videos, short clips for social messages, few minutes enough to create a professional video, Use Smart Animation. No need huge effort.

Actually, time consuming to create animated explainer video is depend on your skills and the quality. But If you select drag and drop animation software like Smart Animation you can save your valuable time because Smart Animation has 1000+ HUGE variety of templates. You can customize those templates as you wish.

Best Explainer Video Maker For Any  Niche.

  • Local Business 
  • Personal Branding
  • Portfolio Presentations
  • Online Coaching 
  • Landing Pages
  • YouTube Channels
  • E-commerce Support
  • Offline Presentations
  • Crowd-funding Campaigns
                            And much more… The sky is the limit!




(Gif, .Mov, .Swf, .PNG, .Svg)


Attract your viewers and get more traffic with eye catching logo openers.


You can pick your beautiful slide templates to make attractive animated explainer video, marketing video, promotional video and boost up conversion rate.


Insert These professional slideshow templates to create most informative and educate video. Boost your marketing.

Engage your viewers with all of those professional logo openers. Get the attention of your audience increase your conversion rate !


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Engage your viewers with all of those professional point and to do list. And get the attention of your audience rapidly and boost up your traffics !


Engage your viewers with all of those professional info-graphic. And get the attention of your audience rapidly and boost up your traffics !


Engage your viewers with all of those professional social media icons. And get the attention of your audience rapidly and boost up your traffics !


Engage your viewers with all of those professional video holders. And get the attention of your audience rapidly and boost up your traffics !


Engage your viewers with all of those professional timeline and phases. And get the attention of your audience rapidly and boost up your traffics !


Engage your viewers with all of those professional icon elements. And get the attention of your audience rapidly and boost up your traffics !


Engage your viewers with all of those professional money and finance. And get the attention of your audience rapidly and boost up your traffics !


Engage your viewers with all of those professional weather forecast. And get the attention of your audience rapidly and boost up your traffics !


Engage your viewers with all of those professional landmark. And get the attention of your audience rapidly and boost up your traffics !


Engage your viewers with all of those professional world map kit. And get the attention of your audience rapidly and boost up your traffics !


Engage your viewers with all of those professional transition. And get the attention of your audience rapidly and boost up your traffics !


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